We are Pete, Laurie, Steve and Jeannie, honey bee enthusiasts and founders of BEEpothecary®. Read on to learn more about how our brand came to be.

Laurie smiling with a beekeepers hat and net on with Pete in the background tending to honey bee box.

Our Beginning

Our roots began in 2010 attending a local Honeyfest in
Ohio as four good friends, who had similar interests in faith and a big love for bees. Interest was sparked at that festival, and we quickly found ourselves enrolled in beekeeping classes, and in 2011 had hives of our own. Our backyard hands-on experience of beekeeping and endless research continued. In all our studies, it was propolis (a magical bee product) and its fascinating power that fueled the fire in us to begin making something we could share with the world.

We started making propolis oil and bottling it up. We began using it regularly and sharing with our family and friends. The results felt miraculous as we all enjoyed healthy outcomes from topically applying the propolis oil to our joints, rashes, ear aches and taking it orally for conditions including asthma, sore throat, and walking pneumonia. We knew our passion for bee products and the unbelievable wellness power of it all couldn’t be kept under wraps.

Pete sitting at and preparing to operate BEEpothecary bottle filling equipment.

A Business Is Formed

In 2013, we headed to Michigan and attended our first beekeeping state conference to learn even more about this big, beautiful world of bees. We noted the benefits of hive resources, apitherapy, and balm-making using honey and beeswax. At this point, we knew that God was creating something special for us.

BEEpothecary® was formed in 2013 and became a light manufacturer of all the bee end products you see in our store. Using light machinery and equipment, our entire manufacturing process takes place at the Appalachian Center for Economic Works in Athens and Nelsonville, OH.

We take raw materials including bee propolis, honey, beeswax, and pollen, along with our herbal practices, develop the product formulas, and then produce goods for consumers who are looking for natural wellness products.

Owning the product creation process from design to harvest to production to shipping is what makes our business unique. We put our passion and love for bees into each and every product we create so that we can consistently delight our customers every time they use them.

Laurie smiling in a blue floral dress standing behind BEEpothecary product display.

Doing What We Love

Today we ship our bee products across the US, sell our products through our tremendous retail partners, and interact state-wide and beyond with local communities at fests, expos, and farmers markets. At BEEpothecary® we continue to expand our awareness and knowledge of the honey bee through our thriving hands-on hive farming and networking with our experts in the field at state and national conferences, ever-learning how we can meet every bee product need in the marketplace.

We are honored to be your bee product source and expert, situated on a thriving bee farm in central Ohio, accessible and relevant to you wherever you may BEE!

We are the BEEkeepers, BEE lovers, and BEE-lievers in the incredible honey bees and the benefits of their hive resources. We are simply here to share these natural wonders with YOU!