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Discover how propolis can play a role in your everyday health

Propolis Oil

Our raw honey is 100% all-natural, unheated, unprocessed and oh, so good

Wildflower Honey

Harvesting Health from the Hive

At BEEpothecary®, we include honey bee propolis, honey, beeswax and pollen in our products so that our customers get the most out of the amazing benefits of every beehive resource.

Why BEEpothecary®?

  • Natural Health

    Our bee propolis products contain only natural ingredients

  • Fast Delivery

    We offer fast delivery so you have your products when you need them

  • Trusted Source

    We have been delighting customers for over 10 years and are valued experts in the field

  • Gluten Free Products

    We offer gluten free options in many of the bee products we sell

Skin Care to Help You Shine

  • 1. BEE Rescue Cream

    Unlock the secrets of radiant and youthful skin with our bee rescue cream. Embrace the healing touch of nature.

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  • 2. Rejuvenae' Facial Cream

    As part of our bee line skin care, our Rejuvenae' Facial Cream is formulated especially for women and works on all skin types.

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  • 3. Rejuvenae' Eye Serum

    As part of our bee line skin care, our Rejuvenae' Eye Serum is formulated especially for women and works on all skin types. Use it during the day or evening to hydrate your skin and diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

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  • 4. Shimmer Stick Highlighter

    This will be your go-to shimmer stick. Our shimmer highlighting stick has a lightweight texture, highly concentrated with rich color and shine. Use it as a highlighter, bronzer, or blush on cheekbones, arms, and legs, and to re-define the neckline.

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BEEpothecary BEE rescue cream honey bee cream in blue 1.5 oz squeeze tube
BEEpothecary facial cream bee line skin care in 1 oz silver jar.
BEEpothecary bee line skin care eye serum golden color with dropper
BEEpothecary Shimmer Stick with cap off showing gorgeous pink hue.
Line of BEEpothecary Goat Milk Soaps. Soaps are white with a black label.


Goat Milk Soap

Experience the ultimate in luxury with our high-quality goat milk soap. Pamper your skin with nourishing, gentle cleansers.

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I met these fine people at the Backwoods Festival. They provide several products. I will be a customer for life because of the quality of their products.

Patrick Williams

We’ve been getting products from them for several years. Always great quality products.

Kevin Jones

I love these products. My absolute favorite are the propolis alchol base for anything skin related also works for mouth healing. It's such an amazing product it works so much better than I ever expected. I also love the goat milk they sell such a great product. I am a life long customer the products are top notch and the owners are the greatest folks. I would highly reccomend.

Joshua reichley

Wealth of knowledge. This product works!

Fran Crow
Emily Smith