Come explore our bee farm and witness these amazing creatures firsthand. Our bee farm is located in Lancaster, Ohio. Call us today at (614) 450-2339 to book a tour.

Laurie in a beekeeper suit holding a slat of light-colored honey bee honey comb.

Harvesting from the Hive

Laurie, with a beautiful frame of light spring honey. Lighter colored wax generally indicates that the wax is new and has been freshly made by the bees.

Our honey is harvested right here in Lancaster, Ohio.

BEEpothecary worker in a beekeepers suit instructing three children in beekeepers suits with bee boxes in background.

Future Beekeepers!

We love getting the opportunity to educate children on the importance of honey bees and allow them to see these incredible insects in action.

Did you know about one-third of the human diet relies on insect pollination? And honey bees perform the majority of the pollination for these crops!

Bees also have importance as producers of honey and medicinal products. We are so blessed to oversee this "essential business" right in our own backyard!

BEEpothecary farm with bee boxes in the distance and wildflowers in the foreground.

Bee Paradise

Our bee farm is full of yarrow and clover which the honey bees absolutely love. Our farm also includes an array of other wildflowers including beebalms, dandelions, columbines, and many more.

This assortment of wildflowers creates the most delightful flavor in our Wildflower Honey.

Open bee box with a swarm of active honey bees.

Busy Bees

We have between 600,000 and 800,000 honey bees on our farm at any point in time and are continuing to expand. We have a passion for working with the honey bee and are continually amazed at how its community thrives. We are overjoyed to help the bees grow and stay healthy, and to be able to bring their bee products to our customers.